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Prince Serves Pancake and New ‘Love’ Song on Purple-Centric ‘New Girl’

Prince, 'New Girl,' 3rdEyeGirl, "Pretzelbodylogic"

Seven years after Prince’s stellar Super Bowl halftime gig, he returned to the night of the big game, this time as a sitcom guest actor.

The pop icon’s role on last night’s episode of New Girl was far more extensive than a cameo. Yes, a party at his house — the one in Los Angeles, not Minnesota’s Paisley Park — was central to the plot. But the man himself also turned up to dole out relationship advice, play table tennis, flaunt his pet butterfly, serve a pancake, and, oh yes, debut some new music.

Dirty Mind‘s “When You Were Mine” played on the soundtrack in a scene where he followed the song’s lyrics about how he’ll “let you wear all my clothes,” though the “you” in this case happened to be the show’s star Zooey Deschanel. And he brought Deschanel onstage to help sing along with a potentially excellent new song: an upbeat dance number with a chorus of “don’t you wanna fall in love tonight” and a verse that rhymes “taffeta” with “if I see the moon I just laugh at her.” A couple too many of the show’s jokes involved characters inexplicably fainting or otherwise being a bit too FOX sitcom-y — couldn’t Prince have been a fan of The Mindy Project instead? — but the Purple One’s presence was pure gold.

Also last night, Prince and his 3rdEyeGirl band released their sludgy, previously previewed new single “Pretzelbodylogic” to iTunes.

Watch the newest song above, and view various clips legitimately over at New Girl‘s website (possibly including the full episode if you can log in through your TV provider). Preview “Pretzelbodylogic” below, and scroll down for an embed of the episode via DDot Omen.