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Nicki Minaj, Wig Snatcher? Rapper Sued for Ripping Off Hairy Designs

'Super Bass' MC allegedly passed off her wig maker's creations as her own

Nicki Minaj’s hair isn’t her own. A new lawsuit claims her wigs are stolen, too. The “Super Bass” rapper-singer’s erstwhile “wig guru” sued her today in an Atlanta court alleging that she ripped off his hair concoctions and marketed them as her own, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The lawsuit contends that Terrence Davidson created wig designs that Minaj later sold and licensed without cutting him in on the proceeds. The suit also argues that the former American Idol judge’s management talked him out of a reality show deal worth millions, on the grounds it would hurt his ties with Minaj. The hair creations, according to the complaint, were “fresh, unique, and highly distinguishable.” How unique? Well, the wig man is demanding $30 million in damages.

Davidson and Minaj started working together before her 2010 debut album Pink Friday, reports Time. She was already established at that point for her guest verses and mixtapes, but her brightly colored hairdos definitely contributed to her image as she began reaching a wider pop audience. The lawsuit claims that Davidson came up with wigs Minaj wore at various high-profile occasions, including a September 2010 MTV Video Music Awards pre-show performance. In case you wanted a Minaj wig of your own, she’s selling them at, but what’s really flipping Davidson’s wig is that he isn’t getting a share of the money.

Check out photos of Minaj’s various wigs in the full complaint below. In other things Nicki, she apologized last week after using an image of Malcolm X in the artwork for her new song, “Lookin’ Ass Nigga.”