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Direct Majical Cloudz’s Live Show in Interactive ‘Love Soul’ Video

majical cloudz, love soul, video

Thurston Moore, Palms, and Kevin Drew have all shared intense video valentines recently, and now Majical Cloudz have joined the fray. The Montreal synth duo just released an interactive music video for “Love Soul,” their latest non-album single, following last year’s “Savage” one-off. As seen above, the clip lets the viewer cycle through different black-and-white shots of Majical Cloudz performing the clinking ballad in an intimate, chandelier-filled venue. The bits of footage — which include a few close-ups of frontman Devon Welsh’s wide-eyed stare — run on an endless loop, so you have to keep clicking to move the camera forward.

In an official statement, Welsh said that “Love Soul” was written around the same time as Majical Cloudz’s sophomore album, 2013’s Impersonator, but ultimately left off the record. “It was a part of our set during our first shows,” he said. “It was the only song I kept from a time when I was living in Northern California. I remember writing it at a cabin in the woods a few hours east of the Bay. I played it for the friends I was with and I think everyone, myself included, couldn’t really understand what it was. A dissonant loop and repetitive vocals. As Matt and I played it live it evolved slightly, so this is it.”

Watch and navigate the video above, and download “Love Soul” through Majical Cloudz’s website.