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Tegan and Sara Declare ‘Everything Is Awesome!!!’ in Manic ‘Lego Movie’ Video

Lego Movie Everything Is Awesome Tegan Sara Lonely Island

By pretty much all accounts, The Lego Movie is, well, awesome. The thing has a 95 percent score with critics on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 93 percent with the 46,021 audience-goers who’ve been inspired to rate it — and it’s only been out for 10 days. In addition to an original score helmed by Devo dude Mark Mothersbaugh, the film sports a maximalist dance-pop beast of a theme song by Tegan and Sara with the Lonely Island assiting: “Everything Is Awesome!!!” The track’s four-four beat, “party forever” refrain, and general totally aggressive happiness give it a creepily plastered-on grin. Now, the frenetic new video seen above doubles down on the manic insanity with scenes from the movie, bits made to match up with the lyrics (the “brand new pants” part being our favorite), and little Lego versions of the musicians bouncing around taped to the tops of pencils. Bad? Good? Creepy? Cute? Such descriptors need not apply when everything is … you know. Via A.V. Club.