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Hear Lana Del Rey’s Up-Tempo Step Backward ‘Behind Closed Doors’

Gone are the swooning strings and deep-octave coos: Lana Del Rey goes J-pop video-gamer in the new track making the rounds, “Behind Closed Doors.” Details are scarce, but the “studio version” included here hit YouTube on February 13, though Idolator notes the song itself has been in circulation for several months. This one’s not likely to appear on rumored May album Ultraviolence — or, we at least hope it doesn’t. “Behind Closed Doors” packs an uncharacteristically upbeat drive, with claps, whirrs, and arcade synths firing beneath some Lizzie Grant-era “cherry pie” lyrics. Hear it for yourself below, and cross your fingers that LDR’s next album hews closer to her Maleficent magnificence than to literal video games.