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Hear Kenzie May’s Blue-Hued R&B on ‘Skeleton Key’

Kenzie May

“Skeleton Key,” by Boston-born, London-bred singer Kenzie May, opens with laughing voices raucously debating the difference between love and sex. It’s a timeless back-and-forth that recalls one of the keen-eyed interludes from Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation. The song progresses with a Taylor Swift-ian guitar-pop sweetness, but the intro’s inquisitive, post-adolescent setup gives her blue-hued lament — “confusing fuckin’ for making lovin’ — a distinct maturity.

In the video, May turns away from her persistent leading dude, all reticence and side-eyes. “So close pressed against my skin, so far from getting under it,” she sings, giving the chirpy, big-hook R&B pop song a hit of The Weekend-style brooding.

The singer has been vague about her plans for a full-length, but noted that this single will also appear on a release that’s planned to drop later in the year.

Watch the video for “Skeleton Key” above or stream the track below: