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The Juan MacLean and Nancy Whang Compel You: ‘Get Down (With My Love)’

Juan MacLean 'Get Down (With My Love)' Nancy Whang Video

The good folks at DFA Records are looking out for the lovers on this day of romantic days. In honor of the Hallmark holiday, the Juan MacLean has teamed with Nancy Whang (LCD Soundsystem, Classixx) to release the “Get Down (With My Love)” single, a four-four delight blessed with whirling synth textures and a galloping rhythm. This is in fact the final installment in a trilogy kicked off and continued by the excellent Whang team-ups “You Are My Destiny” and “Feel Like Movin’.” Above you can experience the full 12-inches of the new song; below is the radio edit. And first, a word from John “the Juan” MacLean himself:

“Some years ago I was working on the beginnings of my track ‘Find a Way,’ and I was at the DFA studio replacing my programmed parts with live instrumentation. I called in Alex Frankel to play my piano part on a real piano, and after he listened to it he said I had a penchant for creating what he dubbed ‘Saloon House.’ He thought it had a swinging sort of cowboy saloon feel and he rode around the control room of the studio riding an imaginary horse yelling ‘GIDDY UP, YAHHHH.’ Get Down (With My Love) definitely has that same feel, particularly the bass line, which makes me laugh every time I hear it. It has a lot of swing, perfect for the sentiment expressed with Nancy’s vocals. It’s a sort of Saloon House Love Song.”