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Jimmy Fallon and Fred Armisen’s Beatles Post Selfie From ‘Ed Sullivan’

Jimmy Fallon, Beatles, Fred Armisen, social media, 'The Tonight Show,' Rick Ross, the Roots, "The Devil Is a Lie"

In week two as new host of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon continues to hold social media under his benevolent reign. Last night, he strengthened that grip — how else? — by combining a social media-themed sketch with trending topics like the Beatles and Fred Armisen. Fab Fallon, as John Lennon, leads the silly but amusing alternate-history clip above, with similarly mop-topped Armisen as a brunch-savoring Ringo Starr.

Everybody knows the Beatles didn’t use social media; what this skit presupposes is, maybe they did? And they talked about it right after their iconic 1964 The Ed Sullivan Show performance of “I Want to Hold Your Hand”? And they promoted Red Bull via silly Twitter pranks? Armisen, of course, is the bandleader on the new Late Night With Seth Meyers, and he’ll return on Portlandia on February 27. In the end, the Faux Four tell you something they think you’ll understand: They want to take an Instagram selfie (#nofilter).

The Tonight Show hasn’t been posting official video of its musical guests, but Rick Ross was on hand last night for “The Devil Is a Lie,” from March 4 album Mastermind. The Roots expertly backed up Rozay’s signature larger-than-life gruffness, complete with an insistent horn fanfare. Watch an unofficial clip below Yardie/MyWorldPremiere.