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Ariel Pink Helps Rapper Jerry James Try to Sleep With ‘Lana Del Rey’

Jerry James 'Lana Del Rey' Ariel Pink Video Raw Deal

“I’m tryna hit Lana Del Rey is what I’m saying.” So goes the chorus of the above creeper’s anthem performed by a previously unknown rapper named Jerry James. The man’s message certainly isn’t anyone’s idea of a revelation, but it’s relatable at least. And more importantly, the track is produced by Ariel Pink and songwriter Justin Raisen (Sky Ferriera, Charli XCX, Theophilus London) under the name Raw Deal. They can be seen in the video (Pink wearing the red crew-neck sweatshirt and the Eazy-E wig) as can a whole bunch of LDR masks affixed to the faces of Freak City-styled dancers. Oh, and Mr. James, a lanky dude blessed with a smooth flow and a scratchy baritone, plus a head full of complex cornrows. Worth noting: the smooth, summery production is pretty damned fantastic.