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Hear Inventions, From Explosions in the Sky and Eluvium

Inventions Explosions in the Sky Eluvium Peaceable Child Stream

The post-rock gods have spoken: On April 1, the ambient-loving Temporary Residence label will release Inventions, the eponymous debut from the newly minted duo of Explosions in the Sky guitarist Mark T. Smith and composer/producer Matthew Cooper, a.k.a. Eluvium. The latter Portlander — once dubbed “the Brian Eno of the Grizzly Bear set” — released a titanic double-disc set last year, Nightmare Ending, which SPIN dubbed Essential. Meanwhile, those Austin orch-rock rippers scored the Paul Rudd-starring Prince Avalanche to (duh) epic results, and hit the road opening for Nine Inch Nails. Below, you can hear what happens with those two mighty sounds come together. “Peaceable Child” is aptly named — it’s thick yet gossamer, and it comes on like a warm sonic warm. Did we mention that these heady bros recorded the entire thing in a rented beach house? Track list below.

Inventions track list:

1. “Echo Tropism”
2. “Flood Poems”
3. “Entity”
4. “Luminous Insects”
5. “Peaceable Child”
6. “Sun Locations / Sun Coda”
7. “Recipient”
8. “Psychic Automation”