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Hockeysmith’s ‘But Blood’ Video Is Dripping Wet

hockeysmith, but blood, video

Annie and Georgie Hockeysmith have yet to issue their debut EP through Double Denim Records, but the sister-duo have already displayed a talent for shape-shifting. Recording under their surname, Hockeysmith, the English ladies dropped their debut single in 2013, a double A-side featuring ghostly slow-burner “Now I Want To” and the slightly trance-y piano tune “Let’s Bang.” Now, Hockeysmith have shared a music video for a dynamic new track dubbed “But Blood.”

The song is far more potent than its predecessors, melding acid-rock riffs, sub-bass hiccups, and a gentle vocal melody, and the video complements that stew with a liquid look. Directed by designer and photographer Davy Evans (who previously lent his touch to the xx’s “Chained” and “Angels” videos, as well as the Coexist cover art), the “But Blood” clip features footage that, according to a press release, was filmed through water using reflections and mirrors — hence the splashes, drips, and ripple effects.

Dive into Hockeysmith’s “But Blood” above. And, if you’ll be in London on Thursday, March 6, purchase tickets to their gig at the Waiting Room.