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Gucci Mane Probably Won’t Be Freed by Fellow Inmate’s Legal Work

Gucci Mane, prisoner, legal work

Gucci Mane has received some unsolicited legal advice from an inmate in a separate prison, but it’s unlikely to help him get out any sooner. The rapper born Radric Davis has been in custody in Georgia after gun charges that could put him in jail for 20 years. As TMZ reports, an unrelated inmate in South Carolina has filed papers trying to help #freegucci. Unfortunately, Jerry Lewis Dedrick’s argument reportedly starts by maintaining gun possession can’t be a federal crime, and as he’s not Gucci’s lawyer, there’s not a whole lot he can do anyway. Guwop has still been putting out music, though: the Migos team-up “Jackie Chan” last December and, more recently, a verse on Rick Ross and Young Jeezy’s “War Ready’ (below). Good for Dedrick for using his time to offer assistance, but rap fans can only hope Gucci’s lawyers have come up with a stronger defense.