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Dum Dum Girls Go Full Goth-Glam for ‘Too True to Be Good’ Video

Clip teased way back in November finally sees the light

Back in November, Dum Dum Girls teased their Too True album by releasing a 90-second snippet of the music video for “Too True to Be Good,” the record’s semi-title track. Now, since the LP is officially out, the Dum Dums have shared the entire clip — unfortunately, there isn’t too much here that we haven’t already seen. Directed by Nathaniel Brown and produced by V Magazine, the video splits its time between overexposed shots of flowers and slightly fuzzy footage of frontwoman Dee Dee Penny vamping and lip-syncing for the camera. There is one revealing shot of Dee Dee that didn’t make it into last year’s preview, though, so look out for near-NSFW content.

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