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Hear Electro-Rap Duo Double Duchess’ Queer Posse Cut ‘Top Bitch’

Double Duchess

San Francisco electro-rap duo Double Duchess, consisting of dancer and visual stylist Krylon Superstar and producer/vocalist DavO, are part of a performance-art informed, high energy, party-music fueled queer scene. Their pair’s newest track “Top Bitch,” a single off the duo’s Nocturnal EP (due March 18), brings together a number of out-of-the-closet MCs in celebration of cross-regional collaboration. Mixing techno minimalism with ultimate breaks and beats-style bounce, “Top Bitch” allows each featured rapper to boast their styles and add their own specific flavor to the track: There’s DDm, a tough-talking Baltimorean whose street rap reportage and endless supply of witty one-liners are equal parts Baltimore Club energy and battle rap swagger; Chicago’s Big Dipper, a self-proclaimed bear with rhymes that are both booming and nimble; and Micah Tron, a San Francisco spitter with a delivery that mixes Lil Kim attitude and matches it to an ear for club-ready beats.

Hear the group of MCs one-up each other on “Top Bitch” below: