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Death Grips Give No More Effs in ‘No Love’ Video

Death Grips 'No Love' Video Deep Web

“On the first day I gave a fuck,” reads the small text at the bottom of the frame in the surprise video for Death Grips’ 2012 track “No Love.” But as the warped bass booms forth and the static ramps up, comic-book-ready letters splay across the screen: “1000%!! I USED TO GIVE A FUCK.” Sorta 3-D footage of a live performance of the NO LOVE DEEP WEB bruiser is intermittently interrupted by that message and previously unheard blurts of noise while MC Ride raps about being trapped in an eternally lit “ragin’ sea of flames.” Zach Hill can be seen at one point holding a speaker while his partner beats the thing up (mostly verbally, but also physically). Meanwhile, the days of fuck-giving or not fuck-giving keep passing. If you forgot why Death Grips were SPIN’s Artist of the Year in 2012, this is a nice brush-up. Also, read up on the Sacramento duo’s 2013 piece, Government Plates.