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Cass McCombs Sets ‘Name Written in Water’ to Brutal Farm Footage

Vintage clips of pigs being abused accompanies lovely 'Big Wheel and Others' song

Cass McCombs has released four music videos for Big Wheel and Others songs in the nascent days of 2014, each wildly different from the next. This, of course, befits the mercurial genius of the man and his most recent double-disc set of music, but even if you’re used to his unpredictable moves, this latest clip is a tough pill to swallow — especially if you’re accustomed to putting pork in your mouth. The Jeffrey Peixoto-directed video for “Name Written in Water” pairs the pleasant, existential strummer with brutal shots of pigs being slaughtered, butchered, and otherwise being born livestock and eventually winding up very, very dead.

This follows the similarly collaged clip for “Big Wheel,” which had fun with words and found footage, and “Brighter!”, an intimate visual that doubled as a memorial for McCombs collaborator, iconic actress Karen Black. We skipped the third installment, so you can now find that below. Eric Fensler’s video for “Unearthed” pairs the bluesy beauty with gorgeous shots of a snowy mountaintop, but there’s also a wicked twist that plays on the lyric, “It won’t be too long.”