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Justin Vernon Gives a Tour of Woodsy Wisconsin for Real-American Shoe Video

Bon Iver Justin Vernon Red Wing Shoes Ad Video

Justin Vernon’s life isn’t all winning Grammys and jamming with the Roots. When it comes down to it, the Bon Iver mastermind is a red-blooded, hard-working American who puts his boots on one foot at a time. At least that’s the main message of Red Wing Shoes‘ new video, in which Vernon talks about his hometown of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, his perseverance in the music industry, and the recording studio he built. It’s all part of a series called “Made in the Land of Wheat and Maize,” and you’ll get to see Vernon in his natural woodsy habitat, making a fire and working on his pickup truck. In short, it’s the indie version of those John Mellencamp “eagle, rock, flag”-style Chevy ads, only way more heartfelt. Check it out above.