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Watch Bob Dylan Wax Patriotic in Surreal Chrysler Super Bowl Ad

Bob Dylan, Super Bowl

Fitting, perhaps, that the “bowl bowl” would happen to be the Robert Zimmerman bowl. Bob Dylan lent his vocals to two commercials during Super Bowl XLVIII, and both were uncanny enough to suit a matchup between NFL teams from states with legalized weed. Dylan’s 1966 “I Want You” wooed yogurt lovers in a Chobani ad that first premiered online before the big game, but new to viewers was the rock icon’s in-person appearance in a commercial for Chrysler. As “Things Have Changed,” Dylan’s 2000 gem from the movie Wonder Boys, casts a dark shadow, the man himself gives a gruffly patriotic voice-over. He ultimately appears in the flesh, assuring us that we can buy our beer from Germany, our watches from Switzerland, but our automobiles — like our enigmatic folk rock, presumably — are best made in America. Dude, where’s our car?