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Watch Blank Realm’s Karaoke-Style ‘Reach You on the Phone’ Video

Aussie post-punk quartet recruit costumed guest stars for first watch off 'Grassed In'

Deja What?, the title of Blank Realm’s 2010 debut, is actually a succinct mission statement for the Australian quartet. “I don’t think we are super original or anything, but I don’t hear anything like us on the radio,” said Daniel Spencer, who plays in the band with his sister Sarah. Blank Realm swing from post-punk to garage to psych-rock between segues, touching a number of stones along the way — Flying Nuns’ roster, Lou Reed’s languid enunciation, jangly, organ-splashed melodies — without sounding contrived.

“Reach You on the Phone,” off fourth LP Grassed In (out now via Fire Records), falls squarely in the last camp. Decked out in sunglasses and/or various headdresses, Blank Realm’s associates sing along in karaoke fashion to the plaintive chorus in a room that looks like it hasn’t been redecorated since the ’80s.

From its breezy opening chords to the very last peace sign flashed jokingly at the screen, the video is a trip with friends. Watch above.