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Hear Beach Party’s Punchy Surf-Rock on ‘Catch That Train’

Beach Party

Despite the coastal innuendo that’s inherent to their name, the Southern Californian dudes of Beach Party prefer surf-rock to surfboards, denim to board shorts, and the latter part of their moniker to the former. “Catch That Train” is the latest drop from the four-piece — which includes singers/guitarists Rob Banks and James Hurst, bassist Adam Arcos, and drummer Nico Macciocca — and trails the grooving, Ty Segall-collaborative single “Can’t Surf” from last year. Their newest release blends ’60s-era garage-rock, poppy harmonies, and punk-rock roots for a track that might very well end up on the group’s debut EP. Hear “Catch That Train” below and watch the group’s interview and performance of the song for Red Bull Sound Select here. (Performances of “Can’t Surf” and “Bad Decision” are available as well.)