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Stream Axxa/Abraxas’ Colorful Self-Titled Debut

Stream Axxa/Abraxas' Colorful Self-Titled Debut

Athens, Georgia native Ben Asbury a.k.a. Axxa/Abraxas has been crafting transportive psychedelic-pop gems in his bedroom for a few years before he was embraced by the Captured Tracks family late last year. On March 4, the 23-year-old will release the result of his transition to the label with a colorful, self-titled debut. Though the tape hiss that once filtered through the musician’s demos has been largely erased by Woods member Jarvis Tarveniere, who recorded and produced Axxa/Abraxas in his Brooklyn-based Rear House studios, Asbury’s full-length still manages to sound both homespun and epic. That’s at least partially due to his name, with the musician attributing “Axxa” to his father and explaining that “Abraxas” is the gnostic idea of an all-encompassing god. Asbury’s songwriting is just as powerfully emotive: Axxa/Abraxas bursts with bright cymbal crashes, strung together with a sturdy bassline, taut guitar threads, and Asbury’s gently insistent falsetto.

Stream Axxa/Abraxas below in advance of its release on March 4 via Captured Tracks.