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Andrew W.K. and Lil Bub Reunite in Space for ‘Star Party Animal’ Video

Andrew W.K. Lil Bub Star Party Animal Video

Andrew W.K. and Lil Bub, two party-animal peas in a pod, just can’t stop collaborating. The Internet-celeb perma-kitten showed up at Andrew’s 24-hour drumathon, and then they filmed a special holiday message. But their third creative union is their best yet: an interstellar feelgood romp called “Star Party Animal.” The occasion? Lil Bub’s upcoming Animal Planet show, Special Special. The plot? Bub’s dude/owner — who also happens to be a friend of legendary producer and musician Steve Albini — goes out of town, leaving the adorable cat at home with actress Amy Sedaris. Hijinks ensue, and somewhere along the way, Andrew shows up for this musical sequence, reassuring Bub that she’s stronger than a lion and cuter than a baby. Come for the fun, stay for the hybrid sax-guitar solo.

Lil Bub’s Special Special premieres on February 8 at 9 p.m. EST/PST.