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Actress Offers ‘Miami Retirement Condo’ as Free ‘Ghettoville’ B-Side

Actress 'Miami Retirement Condo' Stream Download Free

Actress’ new Ghettoville album is, as Philip Sherburne put it, a spectacularly icy riot of grouchy, grimy outsider dance music. It also may very well turn out to be Darren Cunningham’s final album under the alias, so we’re thankful for all of the extras we can get. Following up the sensuality-warping “Rap” stream and his eerie black-label single “Grey Over Blue,” the London producer now shares an unreleased cut called “Miami Retirement Condo.” The moody and minimal track weaves through a strange soundscape of broken beats, disembodied voices, and snaking synths. Download the song for free via Sendspace, or stream it below.