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Hear the Men’s Gloriously Hi-Fi ‘Pearly Gates’

The Men Tomorrow's Hits Pearly Gates Stream

It wouldn’t be a new year, officially, without a brand new album from the Men on the docket. The Brooklyn quintet has maintained a breakneck pace of release since dropping their debut LP Immaculada in 2010, cramming (at the very least) one full-length into every 12-month span. What’s shocking is that each release seems to be a little better than the last. To wit, on 2013’s New Moon, the raucous gang got both noisier and cozier. Now we’ve got the first taste of their next set — Tomorrow’s Hits, due March 4 via Sacred Bones — and they sound more fired up than ever.

“Pearly Gates” features a fierce tempo and a whole bunch of shredding (across all instruments), capturing the Men live in the same room making a bid for the title of rowdiest bar band of all time. According to the press release, the fellas actually recorded this one before New Moon dropped — eight songs crushed out in the fanciest studio they’d ever set foot in. This glorious mess is the sound of the Men going hi-fi.