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The Megaphonic Thrift Are Kraut-Shred Heroes in ‘If You Shiver (Overload)’ Video

The Megaphonic Thrift If You Shiver (Overload) Video

The Megaphonic Thrift is a supergroup of sorts; they comprise four in-the-pocket players from Bergen, Norway’s prolific music scene. Members from Stereo 21, Casiokids, and Low Frequency in Stereo come together here to grind out barely candied noise-rock that owes equally to the Krautrock experiments of the early ’70s and the alt-rock explosion of the late ’80s. Look no further than new song “If You Shiver (Overload)” for an example of what they’re capable of: the bass growls, the guitars howl, and the drums snap, while Richard Myklebust and Linn Frøkedal lend their cool voices to warped harmonies and sticky melodies.

The song hails from the band’s forthcoming third album, but the video is its own beast. The black-and-white avant-garde creation is third in a trilogy by Berlin crew Blank Blank (see “Tune Your Mind” and “Broken Glass/Yellow Fingers” from 2012’s The Megaphonic Thrift) and finds the group, um, facing various sorts of bodily distortion. For a glimpse into the magic, check out the making-of clip below, and read more on the filmmakers’ blog. An edited-together short film with a new score will arrive later this year, as will the Megaphonic Thrift’s as-yet untitled new LP.