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Hear Silversun Pickups’ Chugging New Single ‘Cannibal’

silversun pickups, cannibal, the singles collection

Silversun Pickups will soon commemorate its 10-year relationship with Dangerbird Records by releasing The Singles Collection, a career-spanning compilation of (what else) the band’s singles. Due February 25, the 11-track set culls from the band’s debut EP, 2005’s Pikul, and three full-length albums: 2006’s Carnavas, 2009’s Swoon, and 2012’s Neck of the Woods.

“We have a band amnesia that keeps us from looking at the past,” Pickups frontman Brian Aubert told Rolling Stone recently, insisting that the Los Angeles foursome aren’t overly nostalgic. “It’s not conscious, it’s just how we operate. All these songs are just a part of our fabric and we perform them all often, which keeps them current. So we have modern memories attached to them as well as the historical ones.”

Another source for fresh memories? “Cannibal,” the requisite new track, a digi-rock closer that runs on guitar churn and mechanized percussion. The song isn’t officially out on iTunes until January 7, but fans can hear the tune right now by hitting the play button below. Scroll down for the full track list to The Singles Collection, and keep an eye out for forthcoming pre-order details. (Also note that the 7-inch vinyl format of The Singles Collection comes with an exclusive 12th track, the Swoon-era B-side “Devil’s Cup.”)

As for a proper follow-up to Neck of the Woods, don’t expect one right away. “Plans come and go,” he says. “We don’t like to think about laying down rules and lists,” Aubert told RS. “We’ll start working on the next album when we all come to the conclusion that it’s time. It’s best for us to lay low and eventually build momentum organically. We never know when that’ll be, but personally, I hope it’s sooner than later. I have a lot of weird ideas that need to come out.”


The Singles Collection track list:

1. “Kissing Families”
2. “Lazy Eye”
3. “Well Thought Out Twinkles”
4. “Little Lover’s So Polite”
5. “Panic Switch”
6. “Substitution”
7. “The Royal We”
8. “Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)”
9. “The Pit”
10. “Dots And Dashes (Enough Already)”
11. “Cannibal”
12. “Devil’s Cup” (7-inch vinyl exclusive)