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Prince Soars and Smolders in Flood of Live Videos

See the NPG do "So Dark" and "The Sweeter She Is," and 3rdEyeGirl take on "Cause and Effect"

Prince closed out 2013 with a bang. A series of bangs, really. He released a blazing hot new single, “Breakfast Can Wait,” invited his fans into his home for an overnight pajama party, and executed a three-show holiday run in Connecticut just because. Now we’ve got ample new evidence of His Purpleness’ performing prowess to take in. Above, you’ll find Prince accompanied by the New Power Generation at his very own Paisley Park compound. Therein they smoothly execute the sizzling “So Dark” (found on 1998’s Crystal Ball) — prepare thyself for the man’s incredible squawk.

But that’s not all. Not hardly. Directly below, you can watch Prince and his all-woman power-trio 3rdEyeGirl perform newer song “Cause and Effect” in Lisbon, Portugal back in August (this time we get a mean shimmy at the end). And beneath that: Our Minneapolitan hero is back with the NPG on December 29 lording over “The Sweeter She Is,” their version of the 1969 song by Isaac Hayes originally recorded by the Soul Children

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