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David Letterman Really Loves the Orwells

the orwells, who needs you, david letterman

Well, if this doesn’t turn the Orwells into a national concern, we’re not sure what will. The Chicago garage-punks made their network television debut on January 15, dropping by the Late Show With David Letterman to trash the Ed Sullivan Theater. While four of the band’s members blasted through the title track from last year’s Who Needs You EP, frontman Mario Cuomo barked into the microphone, drunkenly strutted around the set, collapsed on the floor, thrusted his crotch upward, and then sat down in one of the chairs next to Letterman’s desk before finishing the song.

Best of all? Letterman and Paul Shaffer were so thrilled with the performance that they demanded the Orwells do an encore. Instead, the Best New Artist alums just shrugged and let Shaffer run through his own version of “Who Needs You.” Yes, just days after he played piano with Sleigh Bells, Shaffer covered the Orwells, and mimicked Cuomo’s faint-and-hump move. Do yourself a favor: Press the play button above and just be glad Cuomo kept his pants on this time.