Nine Inch Nails Parody ‘This Is a Trent Reznor Song’ Is Uncomfortably Dead-On

Nine Inch Nails, parody, Trent Reznor

The return of Nine Inch Nails has been a welcome cause for celebration, but when it reaches the point where Trent Reznor is cussing out the Grammys for being, well, you know how the Grammys are, there’s a risk of taking it all too seriously. Enter one Frederick “Freddy” Scott, whose “This Is a Trent Reznor Song” is the copy that Hesitation Marks‘ Grammy-staged “Copy of A” never knew it always needed.

It’s reductive, unfair, and more than a little silly, but the way the song deploys various Reznor moves (“random percussion,” “weird guitar,” “creepy piano”) is priceless. It softens the blow, too, that Scott sings all this is “very awesome.” Keep an eye on Reznor’s Twitter account, and listen below, via Boing Boing and Dangerous Minds — and then compare with the recently circulating Red Hot Chili Peppers spoof.


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