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‘Girls’ Season 3 to Premiere New Songs by Miguel, Beck, and Jenny Lewis

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Over the course of its first two seasons, HBO’s Girls has scored a few already semi-classic musical moments. Lena Dunham dancing on her own to Robyn, snorting cocaine while listening to Icona Pop, and imitating Beyoncé immediately come to mind, but the half-hour, twentysomething-centric comedy/drama has also featured songs by Vampire Weekend, Santigold, fun., and Tegan and Sara. Now, with its third season set to start on January 12, it’s been reported that upcoming episodes will include tunes by Miguel, Beck, Jenny Lewis, Lily Allen, and Christina Perri.

In an interview with, Girls music supervisor Manish Raval revealed that Miguel wrote a new song exclusively for the show. “We reached out to him,” Raval said. “We are a huge fan of his and very early on in the process Lena said, ‘Can we just call him and see if he’ll do something?’ We did, he said yes. It was very easy, it was very simple.”

Raval also confirmed that the Beck song is indeed a cut from the alt-rock legend’s upcoming Morning Phase album. “We were able to get our hands on a brand new Beck song,” Raval said, “which he just finished for his new record and gave to us to put on the show before the release of his album.

When asked about the Jenny Lewis track (which may or may not appear on the ex-Rilo Kiley singer’s next solo record), Raval said, “It appears at the end of an episode. The end credit spot is for our prized possessions. It’s really for us to try and showcase something we’re really into, because that’s where we leave the viewer with a musical thought or message or emotion. And the Jenny Lewis spot scores a very emotional moment that happens in the second episode where you know the cast is reunited with Jessa. I love the song, I love the moment, I love the last image of that moment. I think that’s my favorite spot of the season.”

To prep for the third season of Girls, which is also slated to feature Kim Gordon as a guest star, we leave you with this dead-on parody, Cats (via BUST):