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Justin Bieber Charged With Assaulting Limo Driver in Toronto

But a court dismissed photographer's claim that Bieber ordered bodyguard to attack him

Justin Bieber’s alleged crimes could soon span the globe. Less than a week after the Biebz’ Florida arrest on charges of DUI, resisting an arrest, and driving with an expired license, he’s facing assault charges in Canada. As the AP reports, Bieber surrendered yesterday at a Toronto police station, where he was hit with one count of assault.

Bieber is reportedly accused of hitting the back of a limousine drivers’ head multiple times. According to police, Bieber and five others got into a limo outside a nightclub early December 30. A scuffle broke out, and one of the people in the limo evidently started wailing on the chauffeur.

The Believe singer is due back in a Toronto court on March 10. His lawyer in California told the AP the pop star is not guilty and predicted the matter will be handled as the Canadian version of a misdemeanor.

Hours earlier, Bieber’s pleaded not guilty to the charges against him in Florida. His arraignment is set for Valentine’s Day, but he doesn’t have to be there. A petition to have Bieber deported has reached the number of signatures at which the Obama administration has said it must respond, though given America has laws about when you can deport people, we wouldn’t hold our breath.

Oh, and Bieber is still being looked into over a recent egg aid at his neighbor’s house. The good news for the 19-year-old: According to court documents obtained by SPIN, a photographer’s claim the Biebz ordered one of his bodyguards to attack him has been dismissed.

And the guy does make music: Last year he released the impressive Journals, and he just shared a video for Chance the Rapper collaboration “Confident.” If Bieber’s legal troubles give you a reason to spend time with our Rapper of the Year, then everything could be justified.