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Justin Bieber Plays a Douche in ‘Confident’ Video With Chance the Rapper

Justin Bieber Chance Rapper 'Confident' Video

Against steep odds, Justin Bieber’s music makes it back into the headlines with this late-in-the-day release of the video for his Chance the Rapper-assisted “Confident.” As previously noted, this song decidedly doesn’t suck. Of course, our Rapper of the Year is a delight to hear no matter who he’s rhyming with, but even the guy that the United States is currently trying to exile by popular vote comes out looking good — well, figuratively speaking. In the video, the Biebz is a douche. Due respect to directors Colin Tilley and Nico Weisenet. The clip itself is a lot of fun, finding a gang of dancers who move and groove to the whims of the clip’s female love interest. But there’s that little skit in the middle where Bieber hits on the girl, and you think he’s being winkingly corny, and then you realize he’s not, and that he has no idea that he’s actually an utter douche-bag. So there’s that. But delightfully, Chance isn’t cut out of the clip.