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Hear Jubilee’s ‘Pull Ova’ EP, a Miami-to-Brooklyn Bass Odyssey


Raised in Miami but located in Brooklyn, Jubilee (Jess Gentile) is pretty familiar, one would guess, with the long ribbon of pavement that is the I-95. And on “I-95,” the A-side of her new single for Mixpak, she collapses its expanse into a shuddering amalgam of classic Miami bass and Brooklyn attitude. (Plus, for good measure, nods to the guncocks and klaxons of U.K. grime.) Los Angeles transplant Salva rotates the roadmap 90 degrees and delivers a driving, downbeat-heavy remix that connects the dots between Chicago house and Jersey club. Rounding out the EP, Jubilee’s “Pull Ova” loops police sirens and low-end throb over a coolly percolating jack track, while chopped-up vocals (murmurs, moans, heavy breathing) add an extra layer of suggestion to the late-night vibes.

Pull Ova is out Tuesday, January 28. Mixpak will celebrate the EP’s release on Friday, January 31 at Brooklyn’s Call Box Lounge; the lineup features Jubilee, Star Eyes, Burt Fox, Dubbel Dutch, Dre Skull, and the Large. Listen to the EP in full below.