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Watch Iska Dhaaf’s Thrilling, Macklemore-Featuring ‘Everybody Knows’ Video

iska dhaaf, everybody knows, even the sun will burn

Iska Dhaaf is the partnership between guitarist/vocalist Nathan Quiroga and drummer/keyboardist Benjamin Verdoes, who plan to release their debut album on March 11 through Brick Lane Records. In advance of the upcoming Even the Sun Will Burn LP, the Seattle duo (whose name roughly translates to “let it go” in Somali, a language Verdoes speaks fluently) have shared a jittery music video for the record’s first single, “Everybody Knows.”

Filmed in Stanwood, Washington by Tristan Seniuk, the cinematic clip offers a peek inside the mind of a Vietnam-era soldier watching a USO Show unfold. Crazed by the mix of violence, LSD tabs, and Marilyn Monroe look-alikes shaking their hips, the protagonist resembles a long-lost Quentin Tarantino character, a panicked fringe-dweller lucky enough to have found the perfect psych-surf soundtrack for his downward spiral.

Watch the short above, and keep an eye out for cameos by several other Seattle musicians, including, weirdly, Macklemore.