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Watch Grizzly Bear’s Last Gig Ahead of Possible Hiatus

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On January 5, Grizzly Bear finally wrapped their world tour in support of 2012’s outstanding Shields with a sold-out show at Australia’s iconic Sydney Opera House. As Consequence of Sound points out, the entire concert was streamed live online and now, the two-hour gig can be replayed at your leisure. The 21 song-set focuses on Grizzly Bear’s last three studio efforts: the full-band debut that was 2006’s Yellow House, 2009’s breakthrough Veckatimest LP, and the recently expanded Shields

Fans of the chamber-rock quartet should savor the live footage — it’s likely to be the last Grizzly Bear show for a while. Speaking to the Guardian, frontman Ed Droste said, “This is definitely the last touring we’ll do for this album before we enter into the question mark of the future.”

Apparently, the Brooklynites have no solid plans for the future, which explains the Guardian’s scaremonger-y headline “Grizzly Bear: Will Australia Be Their Last Stand?” When asked about the prospect of following up Shields, Droste didn’t give a definitive yes or no.

“I never know exactly how we’ll come together and make another album, because every single time has been different from the last,” he said. “There is no formula.” The singer added, “I have no clue what the future holds… I just know we all want to do it. There’s a desire there, it’s just a matter of figuring out the time frame and how long people need. It’s impossible to say.”

For now, watch the video above and marvel at the smoky séance that is Grizzly Bear’s live show. Skip ahead to the 9:20 mark to see the band take the stage and scroll down for the full setlist.

Grizzly Bear @ Sydney Opera House setlist (January 5, 2014):

“Speak in Rounds”
“Sleeping Ute”
“Little Brother”
“Yet Again”
“A Simple Answer”
“Ready, Able”
“While You Wait for the Others”
“On a Neck, On a Spit”
“What’s Wrong”
“Two Weeks”
“Half Gate”
“Sun in Your Eyes”

“All We Ask” (Acoustic)