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EMA Leaps Into ‘The Future’s Void’ With Intense ‘Satellites’ Video

EMA, "Satellites," video, 'The Future's Void'

“I got a brand new spell / Ain’t comin’ out that well,” Erika M. Anderson chants at the end of “Satellites,” the first track from her upcoming sophomore album as EMA, The Future’s Void. Put together with that LP title and lyrics casting satellites as spying “eyes” in the sky, this static-shocked blast of agita hurtles toward similar nature-versus-technology conundrums as Damon Albarn’s mellow new “Everyday Robots,” but how the two get there could hardly be more diferent. EMA’s video, which she says in a statement uses effects that are “primitive or sophisticated, depending on your point of view,” is as head-knocking as the song: A cat toys with a dead bird, Anderson roars in an unadorned space and in virtuality reality, and the satellites, presumably, turn into particularly jagged space junk. Like anyone, the former Gowns singer might be able to use a wish right now, but she’s not gonna make-believe these are shooting stars 

The Future’s Void now has an official release date — April 8 via Matador everywhere except Europe, where it will be out on April 7 via City Slang — and a track list, which you can find below. Also visit EMA’s website for what the label describes as “an interactive ‘nightmare media’ cube” that features “a slow-motion fake-plant fetish and the only footage on the internet that shows the true nature of cats. 

The Future’s Void track list:

1. “Satellites”
2. “So Blonde”
3. “Jane”
4. “Cthulu”
5. “Smoulder”
6. “Neuromancer”
7. “When She Comes”
8. “100 Years”
9. “Solace”
10. “Dead Celebrity”