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Echaskech’s ‘Form | Function’ Reclaims Progressive House for the Headphone Crowd

Echaskech's Dom Hoare and Andy Gillham

Jon Hopkins’ Immunity was one of 2013’s great out-of-nowhere pleasures: A vibrant mixture of sounds and energies borrowed from outdoor raves and IMAX screens and quiet, pre-dawn moments, all spun together into a big, gloopy mass that throbbed like an organism under a microscope. But perhaps Hopkins’ album wasn’t as out-of-nowhere as it seemed. London’s Echaskech pursue a similar strategy on their new Form | Function EP, fusing the fidgety rhythms of classic IDM with the soaring melodies of golden-era progressive house. Fittingly, the group (Dom Hoare and Andy Gillham, assisted by the visual artist Mach V) is signed to Just Music, home to Hopkins’ early albums and recent soundtrack work.

The four-track Form | Function EP is out February 17 and features a remix from Arkist; Echaskech’s new album, Origin, follows on February 24. Check out the title track of the EP in full, below.