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Even Daft Punk Have to Take Off Their Helmets at the Airport

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Daft Punk may have just taken home the Grammy for Album of the Year, but most Americans have no idea what the men underneath those shiny helmets actually look like. Well, wonder no more: TMZ has unmasked the French disco duo by snapping photos of them outside Los Angeles International Airport sans disguise. Yes, it turns out that Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter really are Human After All, and like the rest of us humans, they can’t board an airplane while obscuring their identities. Scroll down for proof (it’s also worth noting that the red TMZ arrow on the right is obscuring a Hüsker Dü T-shirt worn by Bangalter):

To see more of the Random Access Memories robots in the flesh, head over to TMZ, but be warned: The video features TMZ’s trademark voiceover and watercooler bloviation. And to relive the highlights of the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, check out SPIN’s in-depth coverage:

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