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Cass McCombs Tests Masculine Mores in ‘Big Wheel’ Video

Cass McCombs 'Big Wheel' Video Others

Enigmatic songsmith Cass McCombs returned in 2013 with the double album Big Wheel and Others, which found the man sharpening his trademark wit across 22 tracks. Now the semi-titular song, “Big Wheel,” gets its own video directed by cover artist Albert Herter (also behind the artwork for 2011’s Wit’s End and Humor Risk LPs). Therein, recontextualized found footage flickers by — mimes in a park, a bleeding hand, a hall of mirrors with an infant in the middle — while McCombs takes down our preconceived notions of masculinity: “What does it mean to be a man? How you gonna tell me who I am? / A man bolts a man is rust, for a little while, then the man is dust / A man with a man, how more manly can you get?”

Watch above, then revisit the “Morning Star” video, wherein our host queries, “What’s it like to shit in space?” So many questions, so little time.