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Bob Dylan to Save Detroit With Super Bowl Car Commercial

Bob Dylan, Super Bowl, ad, commercial

Bob Dylan’s quirky relationship with commercialism grows ever quirkier. The folk-rock sphinx will star in a new ad for Chrylser during the Super Bowl, according to Billboard. Along with appearing in the car commercial, Dylan has also allowed his 1966 chestnut “I Want You” to soundtrack a Super Bowl ad for yogurt maker Chobani.

Dylan’s recent history with TV licensing has been as capricious as the twists and turns of the man’s recording career itself (see the Christianity-to-Traveling-Wilburys ’80s era currently being revived for a tribute album). In the years since his 2004 Victoria’s Secret commercial shocked the punditry, he has gone on to appear in a 2006 Apple spot, a 2007 ad for Chrysler’s Motown competitor Cadillac, and even a 2013 commercial for Chrysler’s corporate sibling Jeep Cherokee. Meanwhile, the less said about 2009’s “Forever Young” rework for Pepsi, probably the better: “Yo, yo, yo…”

The Chrysler ad will evidently spotlight the company’s new 200 model, for whatever that’s worth. The Chobani spot features the voice acting of Broadway legend, Homeland star, and The Princess Bride father-avenger Mandy Patinkin, which is worth a lot. Also of considerable value: Dylan’s recent Danny Brown-featuring “Like a Rolling Stone” video, which coincided with his 47-CD box set, The Complete Album Collection Volume 1.

Watch the “I Want You”-backed Chobani ad below.