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Poople’s Choice Awards: Alice in Chains, ?uestlove Keep Their Trophies in the John

alice in chains, ?uestlove, mtv video music awards, grammy, toilet, bathroom

Award season is now in full swing. The Grammy Awards are fast on the approach, the Golden Globes go down on Sunday, Oscar nominations are due next week, and the “People” just showered Justin Timberlake with love. But what are these trophies really worth? Well, they’re not really worth shit, if you believe Alice in Chains or ?uestlove.

On January 9, Alice in Chains shared a photo of their MTV Moonman boldly going where many men and women have gone before: the bathroom. “This #MTV Video Music Award doubles as a toilet paper dispenser,” reads the cheeky Facebook caption. The photo — which catches the band’s 1993 VMA statuette resting on top of guitarist Jerry Cantrell’s toilet — can be found above, albeit without the proper hashtags: “#dualpurpose #interiordecorating at #jerryshouse #tbt.”

And, in an odd swirl of serendipity, Vulture recently revealed that ?uestlove keeps his Grammys on the can. In a quick Q&A done at the January 6 season-three premiere of HBO’s Girls, the Roots drummer told the New York magazine offshoot, “I keep all my Grammys on the toilet.”

“I mean, megapeople have, like, awards rooms or whatever,” the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon bandleader said. “The Kanyes of the world, I’m sure he has enshrined himself. But all mine are in the bathroom. And one of them is broken.”

?uesto explained that he busted his first Grammy (an award honoring the Roots’ Things Fall Apart track “You Got Me”) by dropping it on the floor. “I gave it to my mom,” he added. “She didn’t want it. So I just sat it on the toilet. And then when I got the second and third one, I just gave it company.”

And in case you’re wondering, no, he doesn’t have a case protecting the awards. “I’m low-maintenance,” ?uestlove said. “They’re just there to look at.”