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Alfred Hitchcock Presents… King Krule’s ‘A Lizard State’ Video

alfred hitchcock, king krule, a lizard state

King Krule roped in an impressive guest star for his latest music video: the late Sir Alfred Hitchcock. Young Archy Marshall has shared the official clip for “A Lizard State” — a taut, foul-mouthed number from the 19-year-old’s debut studio album, the jazz-inclined 6 Feet Beneath the Moon — and the black-and-white visual boasts a special appearance from the master of suspense himself. The video opens and closes with a pair of segments taken from the iconic auteur’s classic television series Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Between Hitchcock’s coy intro and outro is a short that features King Krule, once again in his best suit and tie, defying gravity and performing “A Lizard State” as (what else) lizards slowly crawl over him. Watch it above.

Jamie-James Medina, the director behind the video, explains the inspiration in a statement: “Archy and I both love Hitchcock and we’ve spent a lot of time away from music talking about his films. When I heard the phone ringing over the intro all I could think about was Dial M For Murder and the scene where Grace Kelly answers the phone. That really started the conversation. I had this idea of Hitchcock introducing King Krule. I’ve seen every episode of Hitchcock Presents and every introduction that he gives is brilliant — you could use any episode and it would work. We loved the idea of Archy defying gravity and that being the setting for his performance. But right up until shooting we didn’t know if we’d get permission to use the Hitchcock footage — to have him appear. It’s such an honor that the Hitchcock estate gave us the opportunity. And then at the very end he said, ‘and the room is full of lizards,’ so we had to find a set of lizards and managed to get a guy who entertains at children’s parties.”