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Hear Acquaintance’s Pillow-Soft Glitch-House Dream ‘Two Minds’

Acquaintance 'Two Minds' Stream Satellite Album

Acquaintance heads up Brighton, England’s multitalented Anti-Ghost Moon Ray collective and specializes in a singular mix of busy beatwork and softly androgynous vocals. His 2013 Parapsychology EP displayed plenty of promise, but March 10 brings Satellite Stream, a nine-song set that balances a clear love for ’80s pop against the steady pulse of house and the yearning character of ’90s R&B.

Below, you’ll find standout track “Two Minds,” in which the man born Chris Griffin sings of science and social interaction over keys, claps, choral cooing, synth strings, and dancing bits of glitch. Look for full-lengths this year by fellow AGMR members Gazelle Twin, Great Pagans, and Bernholz. Visit The Quietus to hear “Making Eye Contact.”

Acquaintance, Satellite Stream track list:

1. “Making Eye Contact”
2. “Lifelike”
3. “Stray Kids”
4. “Living Memory”
5. “Telepathic”
6. “Before the Wave”
7. “Two Minds”
8. “Sleep Over Sleep”
9. “Open Secret”