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Watch Wampire’s Delightfully Schizo ‘Giants’ Video

Wampire 'Giants' Video Curiosity

Wampire’s debut album Curiosity came out in May, but the Portland synth-and-surf duo have blanketed 2013 with spooky, punky goodness. We first heard “The Hearse” back in January, and that organ-blaring pop bruiser more recently yielded an amazing video spoofing ’80s slasher flicks. Now director David Fine takes on “Giants,” an alternately explosive and grooving highlight that opens with the words, “I couldn’t believe the size of my mind, the size of my eyes / Three times bigger than I’ll ever be.” The clip has a similarly trippy bent, following the adventures of a bookish woman and a shirtless beast of a man who seems to be her inner id. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen armpit hair blowing in the wind. Revisit Wampire’s “Spirit Forest” on your way out the door.