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‘South Park’ Informs Kanye West That Kim Kardashian Might Be a Hobbit

'South Park,' Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, "Bound 2," Hobbit, Britney Spears, "Work Bitch," 'Yeezus'

In 2009, South Park lampooned Kanye West as someone who couldn’t take a joke. The rapper responded that “IT’S PRETTY FUNNY” but “IT HURTS MY FEELINGS.” A year later, the show mocked Kim Kardashian, with the series’ hopeless naïf Butters admiring the reality TV star as “the most beautiful woman in the world.” These days West and Kardashian have an adorable child together and are engaged to be married — plus, um, hey, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is hitting theaters! — and South Park tied it all together for a season finale that also explored how Photoshop changes our view of reality. Hold on to your butts.

Kimye’s involvement starts when South Park Elementary fourth-grader Wendy tries to convince Butters his love for Kardashian is all based on creative photo editing and that the celebrity is really “a hobbit.” Short, hairy — you know, a hobbit. This view leads to Wendy being labeled “jelly” and “a hater” and finally necessitates the arrival of the man behind SPIN’s 2013 Album of the Year to set the record straight. After a quick nod to West’s history on the show, which began with a “gay fish” pun his character refused to let go, the animated Yeezus treats us to a recreation of his already-recreated, hotly debated “Bound 2” video.

The episode also makes room for a fitness-themed parody of Britney Spears’ dance-pop clunker “Work Bitch” (“Work out, slut!”). At one point, with shades of the most famous award-show interruption of ALL TIME, West cuts off Pope Francis’ “Person of the Year” acceptance speech to deny Kardashian’s Baggins-ness in public. West’s casual, conversational references to himself as “God” during a tearful bedtime story reading are a nice touch. It’s also endlessly heartening that show creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone left North West entirely out of the script. Wendy’s concerns about young women’s self-image issues related to Photoshop, meanwhile, cast the show’s jokes in a more serious (albeit arguably mansplain-y?) light. We don’t want to spoil anything more for you, but still, let’s just say it’s for the best the episode’s conclusion on this topic is, um, non-hater-ish.

It probably won’t be long before West vents his thoughts on his latest South Park spoof, as he did the other night about the Grammy nominations. In the meantime, check out our own illustrations of West, as imagined in his wildest self-comparisons. And be thankful the latest South Park episode was a whole lot more entertaining than its recent Miley Cyrus parody — carrying some momentum from the show’s recent bonkers Black Friday-themed trilogy, no doubt. Anyway, in conclusion, free Pussy Riot.

Watch the “Bound 2” parody above, catch the full episode over at South Park‘s website, or see a couple of West-related clips below.