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Watch Sky Ferreira and Ariel Pink Take ‘My Molly’ Together

Skey Ferreira Ariel Pink "My Molly"

Sky Ferreira has shared a new collaboration with fuzz virtuoso Ariel Pink. The song, “My Molly,” is an early Ariel Pink tune that’s been retrofitted to suit Sky’s smeared-mascara glamour. The video, directed by “Everything Is Embarrassing” lensman Grant Singer, features Ferreira singing and lounging up against Pink, who’s content to keep his head down and fiddle with his guitar.

Sky unveiled the team-up on December 23 by tweeting out a link to the video. The Los Angeles siren-slash-model didn’t offer any other details on the project, but Pitchfork reports that the new version of “My Molly” was produced by Justin Raisen, who co-wrote and co-produced a good deal of Ferreira’s debut album, Night Time, My Timethat accounts for “My Molly” transforming from lo-fi gem into blown-out-speaker pop. Tune in above.