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Hear Serengeti and Doseone’s Bluesy Rap Bruiser ‘Sprung’

Serengeti Doseone 'Sprung' CAB Jel Nosdam Stream

Serengeti has always been prolific, but the Chicago MC is mid-stride right now, churning out one vein-baring, yarn-spinning, must-own character study after the next. This year alone he’s given us the hallucinogenic, Thoreau-channeling Saal and his humorous hip-hop meta-fiction mission, the Kenny Dennis LP. But hell, there are still precious days left in December, so why not slip in another set of songs before 2013 wraps? Today, Anticon Records releases C.A.B., a free seven-song follow-up to 2012’s C.A.R. album, both of which hail from a fruitful session between Geti and O.G. left-field producers Jel and Odd Nosdam. Below you’ll find “Sprung,” a love-distorting rap duet between our host and cLOUDDEAD hero Doseone set to a bluesy, bone-rattling beat. Hear more at Bandcamp.

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Serengeti, C.A.B. track list:

1. “Don’t Give a Damn”
2. “Soda Pops”
3. “Berkeley Poems”
4. “In Love With a Woman”
5. “Sprung” (with Doseone)
6. “Dunk”
7. “Find My Peace”