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Rick Ross Enters Sexless Threesome With Lady Gaga and R. Kelly

Rick Ross Lady Gaga R. Kelly Do What U Want Remix

Rick Ross once again inserts himself into a popular song that he was never invited to in the first place, this time winding up in an awkward threesome with Lady Gaga and R. Kelly. That pair came together this year, of course, for “Do What U Want,” a sex-dripping ARTPOP song that inspired a heated performance when they brought it to Saturday Night Live (cross-reference: “sex push-ups”). Ross, meanwhile is gearing up to release Mastermind (presumably where his Jay Z team-up “The Devil Is a Lie” will land) and likely celebrating having made the cut for SPIN’s Hall of Shame. He’s also appeared on Maybach Music remixes of Lorde’s “Royals” and Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home,” and now pays Kellz and Mother Monster the favor of 30 seconds of his time at the start of the track below. Therein, he mispronounces Jean-Michel Basquiat’s name and bites Jay Z’s whole “gonna ruin my art by sexin’ you” thing. Cool: