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R. Kelly Sings for His Dessert in Unsettling ‘Cookie’ Video

R. Kelly, "Cookie," video, 'Black Panties,' Oreo

All that’s troubling about R. Kelly’s intermittently entertaining return-to-raunch Black Panties is right there on “Cookie.” The lurching trap production that could’ve gone to anybody, the single entendres that shrivel beside Kellz’s best lyrical flights of horniness, and, most of all, the retrograde, jokey detachment — tinged with violence — toward the partners in all this otherwise-not-unwelcome sexual frankness. As our reviewer Jason King noted, “On ‘Cookie,’ he brags about beating the pussy up ‘until it’s blue,’ eating it out like an Oreo, ‘killing the pussy,’ and breaking it open ‘like a lobster.'”

Thankfully, to say the least, no genitalia appear to be harmed in the song’s sleekly apposite video, directed by Alex Nazari (2 Chainz, Future, Lil Wayne), but its Playboy mansion-like setting underscores the regressive mode. A new employee arrives to join the singer’s lingerie-maid minions, she asks what the R. will want for dessert, and he sings about it to us (“Dinnertime!”), pouring champagne into a bathtub while holding a cigar in one hand and, yes, a familiar-looking snack food in the other. Hydrox, no doubt.