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Nine Inch Nails Share Gloriously Brutal 77-Minute Concert Film, ‘Tension’

Nine Inch Nails Tension 2013 Tour Concert Video

Nine Inch Nails don’t need the holiday season to feel the spirit of giving. This year has been full of gifts for fans of the iconic industrialists — an essential new album in Hesitation Marks and a brand new SPIN cover in “Trent Reznor’s Upward Spiral,” plus TV appearances, festival stops, music videos, one food truck, and a treasure trove of vintage footage, the highlight of which was a NSFW mid-’90s tour documentary dubbed Self Destruct. Now those of us who weren’t able to catch the band’s ambitious 2013 stage show can compare the old NIN with the new, thanks to Tension, a 77-minute November concert captured in full.

Seen above, the Kerry Asmussen-directed film is an apt follow-up to their revealing behind-the-scenes documentary previewing the eye-boggling setup. The show was captured at Los Angeles’ Staples Center on November 8, and the set list can be reviewed below. But really, if you’ve got an hour and some change, you’ll wanna let this one soak in, from the aggressive opener “Copy of A” to the seething 1994 classic that closes the set, “Hurt.” Before you dive in though, take a gander at the director’s cut for NIN’s “Survivalism” video, also just released, and now with a NSFW twist. Find that below, and locate Hesitation Marks in our 50 Best Albums of 2013.

Nine Inch Nails, Tension 2013 set list:

“Copy of A”
“March of the Pigs”
“All Time Low”
“Came Back Haunted”
“In Two”
“The Big Come Down”
“The Hand That Feeds”
“Head Like a Hole”
“Even Deeper”
“While I’m Still Here”